Thursday, August 23, 2012


I was born with blue blood
In my veins
When I enter a room
People clear out of my way

I have more money than
One man could ever spend
So why do I feel inadequate
When my day comes to an end

I need a woman
Who doesn't care how much I have
I need a friend
I can trust when I feel bad
I need a reason
To cast an honest smile
Yes, I’m in need of something
That’s worthwhile

A child ran in front of me
I missed her by a hair
Her Mother rushed to hold her
And sent God up a prayer

I put them in my Rolls
And handed her the keys
I could hear the Angels singing
As I fell down on my knees

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
Now I have a woman
I've asked her to be my Wife
I have a good friend
I’d trust him with my life
It has been years now
And all I do is smile
God is everything

God is everything worthwhile

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2012

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