Saturday, August 25, 2012


I can’t see through the pools of tears…shadowing my eyes
I won’t deliver promises…when I’m aware they’re blatant lies
The real thing you are thirsting for…is just a pebble and sand
Reduced from solid granite…by a chisel known as man
Who did not carve…refused to mold…
He just destroyed …my heart.  this soul
Now you say you love this dust called me
It just can’t be

You see a pretty garden path …without the mud
Crave a gentle flowing river… not the flood
Glimpse a rose in full bloom…ignore the thorns
A brilliant sunny day…devoid of storms
Envision everything …you dream me to be
It’s not reality…you don’t see me

I’m not the diamonds dancing on the snow
I’m a flower in the field eluding growth
I am the leaf in the wind…with no destiny
This is me…it just can’t be

I once had a sanguine heart…I entirely released it like a breath
He abused it and strangled out the love
Returning it fruitless …close to death
I lay neglected and desolate…no optimistic view
Why can’t you understand…there is nothing left for you

~~~*Lyrical Bridge*~~~
It is formidable to trust the moving tide
Though it's constant, steady, and true
Difficult to give a withered seed
Into hands that vow to make it bloom
I lift my face Heavenward…receive the cleansing rain
Inhale fresh creation…relinquish servile pain
I have heard but not believed…a bitter heart can melt
Can it be a whispered touch…truly can be felt

~~~*Final Chorus*~~~
I can’t see through the pools of tears …shadowing my eyes
I've witnessed a silver lining, and I can't believe it's mine
I have been revived from the dismal life I’ve led
Don’t tell me that the starving can’t be fed
Replacing the chisel…I see a Potters’ wheel
Molding and perfecting …all that’s natural and real
The demolished is rebuilt…the four-leafed clover’s in the field
The ravaged heart, this soul…ultimately can be healed
From the dust you created me…sweet Lord it just can’t be
I am capable of love…not just a reverie

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2012  

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