Thursday, August 23, 2012


I begged you not to lie to him
That he would sense the truth
The ring absent from your finger
Girl, that’s called liar’s proof

I told you not to sneak around 
Your man was not a fool
The children in his custody
Girl, that’s called liar’s proof

Now you are all alone
And you want to cry to me
Well…I told you not to
Don’t come here for sympathy
You spun this web yourself
There is your bitter truth
When it comes down to it
No one is liarproof

~~~~~~Musical Bridge~~~~~~

He left her for a business trip
Five days in Duluth
On the front page of “The Tribune”
There was her liar’s proof

Arms around a well-known actress
For the whole world to view
The desperate look upon his face
Man that’s called liar’s proof

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
Now he is on the phone
Begging her for sympathy
He is wasting his breath 
She’s taking everything
It won’t help to grovel
Here’s his arrant truth
When it comes down to it
No one is liarproof

~~~*final verse*~~~
Deceit will get you every time
Step up and tell the truth
You think you are invincible
But no one is liarproof

Repeat final verse

Teresa Lynn Johnson

Copyright © 2012  


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