Thursday, August 23, 2012

OUR SWEET DESTINY ( for Faith and Tim)

I was born in Louisiana
On the 1st of May
Things weren't always easy
It was just that way

Start, Louisiana
Is where I call home
And one state over 
Was the girl I’d call my own

~~~*Tim's Chorus*~~~
She would be my ocean
My white shining sand
Creating perfect motion
All in God’s hands
A rare and precious pearl
Shaped perfectly
This Louisiana man’s

I was born in Mississippi
A September day
Raised by a loving family
Learned to sing and pray

Star, Mississippi
Is where I call home
And one state over 
Was the guy I’d call my own

~~~*Faith's Chorus*~~~
He would be my river
Over stones and sand
Creating perfect motion 
All in God’s hands
The ocean green diamond
Made perfectly
This Mississippi woman’s 

Musical Bridge

I have never had a doubt
That you were made for me
There are way too many 

God doesn't make mistakes
Baby people do
But I've never had a doubt
That I was made for you

Now we’re living out
God’s sweet destiny 
With three little angels
Here in Tennessee

We were made for each other
It was meant to be
We’re just living out
Our sweet destiny

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2012  

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