Thursday, August 23, 2012


I've felt the bruising pressure
Of a heart set to explode
The burning pain of love
That had no place to go

Everything within me
Damned without the flow
I gave it all to a man
Whose heart I could not hold

Every night I thanked the Lord
As he held me in his arms
And prayed a little harder
That someday I’d hold his heart

I prayed a little harder
For what I believed was mine
Prayed a little harder
He’d relinquish it with time

I prayed a little harder
But it wasn't meant to be
When I walked out the door
I left a vital part of me

Well I went back for it
I walked right in
Like every time before
He thought I was there for him
I stood my ground
Took what was mine
Left shaking what God gave me
For the very first time
I was feeling brave
Knowing I was free
Praying a little harder
It was not too late for me

I wasted all those years
Searching for the gold
At the end of a rainbow
With a trail bleak and cold

It’s a vicious circle
You get in, and you’re stuck
It plays a game with the heart and brain
Until you self destruct

You think he’s perfect
A treasured find
You give all that’s in you
And leave yourself behind

Well go back for it
Just walk right in
Like every time before
He’ll think you are there for him
Stand your ground
Take what is yours
Leave shaking what God gave you
Right out of the door
You will feel brave 
Just wait and see
Now you pray a little harder
You find a man that’s truly free


Teresa Lynn Johnson

 Copyright © 2012  

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