Saturday, August 25, 2012

FEEL THE NEED (The Untold Story)

I was driving on route forty six
Headed to Salinas on a business trip
I felt a chill up my spine, went a little numb
Wondered where on earth did that car come from

~~~*1st Chorus*~~~
It appeared like something from the past throwing dirt
Whitewall tires and fender skirts
A 55 Chevy sporting Gypsy Red
I finally shook the feeling as it flew ahead
I punched the gas …piece of cake
I drive a Maserati for Heaven’s sake
Crested the pass and thought …what the hell
Knew I had a story I could never tell

Three months later, a September day
Back to Salinas going the same way
I felt excitement building heading up the pass
Didn't see a soul so I hit the gas

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
It appeared out of nowhere like the last had done
A 550 Spyder in a silver tone
I was flying down the grade with the ghost machine
Racing like a rebel 
With the late James Dean
At the intersection we said farewell
Got me another story that I’ll never tell

I've been there every weekend for the last five years
Now I've quit my job and switched careers
Headed to the pass in a Dagger GT
This time Jimmy wants to ride with me

~~~*3rd Chorus*~~~
They appear out of nowhere every time I go
Looking for a little action on “Racers road”
It’s a classic addiction horsepower and speed
Yes, I feed the fetish when I feel the need
It’s all I've ever dreamed of, all I want to do
Fly with the guys who love it too

I've never told a soul, but if your car’s got speed
You can race with a legend if you feel the need
Have an open mind and you’ll do well
Get yourself a story that you’ll never tell
Feel the Need...

Teresa Lynn Johnson
 Copyright © 2012

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