Tuesday, January 29, 2019


You say that you're broken
I believe you
But girl I really need you 
To stay strong

To keep holding on

To whatever magic moved you
For so long

No way to prove to you
The miracles 
That shine on through

That smile

Every time I've doubted life
Hurt so bad I want to cry
I think of all the power
You have shown

Strength I've never known

Don't know what I expect
From  you
Cause the Hell that you've
Been living through

Most people would have 
Gave up as a child

While the rest of us screamed,
"No Fair!"
You pulled magic from thin air

And all the while...
Shared that smile

Yeah I know that you 
Are broken
Known for a long time
But reality is killing me
I'd rather see the smile..

It's the proof 
You have magic
We can see

And it's beautiful
So beautiful to me

And, Yes, I've cursed the fates
Even God with all his grace
As I know you've had to do 
a million times

But you've always smiled

That beautiful 



TeresaLynn Johnson
Copyright © 2019 
For you ...Autumn Marie
I am , as always, in awe! 
Love, Teresa 
#Strength #FriedreichsAtaxia