Thursday, August 23, 2012


She acts like she was born a blond
Walking around with blinders on
Believes every lie that she is told
Has a heart... I swear is gold

One time I said someone was fat
She said please don’t ever talk like that
No one is ugly…they're just plain
She said in God’s eyes we’re all the same

I don’t get her
I don’t think I ever will
What kind of woman’s happy 
Without a home to fill
If they can’t go shopping 
And buy a pretty dress
Keeps the apartment spotless
Does not give in to stress
Never tells me
What she might prefer
Says,“I trust your judgment”
Don’t get her

Sometimes the money is so tight 
I hardly ever sleep at night
It doesn't seem to bother her
The Mac & cheese she proudly serves

Made a garden in the vacant lot
Then went and shared everything we got
She likes to bake a cake from scratch
Walks so we can save on gas

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
I don’t get her
I don’t think I ever will
What kind of woman sings
While she’s making out the bills
Holds me like a baby
Runs her fingers through my hair
Talks about our future
While I’m choking in despair
When I am frustrated
She doesn't say a word
Don’t get her

For her presence people thirst
She can make a saint out of the worst
Suddenly I have no doubt
I’m the blond one of the house

Time to take these blinders off
Appreciate the things I've got
Forget about the things that were
I get her…

I get her
I hope I always will
Be gifted with the good life
That only she can fill
Love her sweetly
Be sure I do not miss
Holding an angel
Exactly what she is
The future’s blinding
The past is just a blur
Do I get her

Teresa Lynn Johnson
 Copyright © 2012  

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