Saturday, January 13, 2018


Time to own up
Grow up so you can
Finally thank them
Every helping hand

Who stood beside you
When they thought they should
Time to grow up
Time to make things good

Don't bite the hand extended 
Don't destroy their trust
Next time they won't be there 
Picking pieces up
Stop playing the victim
Blaming someone else
I'll hold a mirror for you
Can you see yourself?

The reflection
May help you to see
The world owes you
Not a single thing

Family came through
When they heard your cries
They were present
They were on your side

When the tide waters rise to engulf you
As they rage and churn 
Remember you're not their victim
You chose to watch those bridges burn

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~
You bit the hand extended 
And destroyed their trust
Didn't even thank them
Though they backed you up
Keep playing the victim
Blaming someone else
I held the mirror for you
You can't see yourself

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright ©2018