Thursday, August 23, 2012


I heard some guys bothering my neighbor….
Why do you fly your flag half staff
He looked them in the eyes and he answered
Boys, you’re not the first ones to ask

Some Lady told him he should get a fine
For displaying Old Glory that way
Said he must not be right in the head
To always fly the flag while half raised

A little boy said mister don’t you know
We only do that sometimes at school
You going to get into trouble
What you’re doing isn’t cool

The old man said…

~~~*1st Chorus*~~~
Every morning I get up
While the sun is rising so does she
I take her to the top for the soldiers
Every man that fought and died for me
I bring her down to make room
For a flag you people cannot see
I’ll do this until I am unable
Or restrained by some authority
Every day a hero dies
The flag of death I will let fly
I have old glory holding it up high
For the heroes who have died
I say my thank you every time
I lower her each night
Bow my head in respect
For the passing of a life
My motives pure 
As the brave
My heart as deeply true
Hear me fallen heroes 
I fly this flag for you

One morning leaving home I noticed 
That the old man’s  flagpole was bare
I knew no one ever stopped to visit
Decided I should be the one to care

He died getting ready to raise Her
Still had Old Glory in his arms
In a frame was a young version of him
In a uniform leaning on a car

I draped the flag over his body
Waiting for the ambulance to come
Stared through my tears at all his pictures
Goodbye letters beside every one

His home was a memorial to heroes
Every inch of wall a soul passed on
There were some shots of him with his buddies
Notes to his friends he’d lost in Vietnam

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
I remembered his words
Spoken outside
Bowed my head 
For the passing of his life
My motives pure 
As the brave
My heart as deeply true
Hear me fallen hero
I will fly your flag for you

They handed me his flag when they took him
I called work about the morning that I’d had
Everyone showed up within the hour
To mourn a Hero while I raised his flag

~~~*Final Chorus*~~
Our motives pure 
As the brave
Our hearts as deeply true
Hear us fallen heroes
We fly this flag for you

Teresa Lynn Johnson
 Copyright © 2012   


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