Thursday, August 23, 2012


She hung herself in desperation last night
They said she climbed atop her truck at the school
Hooked a rope up to the flagpole and jumped
On her white truck, in red, she’d painted “CRUEL”

There was a picture in her pocket with a note
A fragile flower engulfed in bitter flames
It said…I won’t know if this will matter
I am not pointing fingers or naming names

I know that others know who you are
That you loved to make my life a living hell
I hope this proves to you I was a person
You can’t humiliate me now
What you see is just a shell…

It’s just a shell…there is no future
So, you see, I felt that there was nothing left
Because of you…
I believed that before my death
They will deem me weak
Brand me a fool
Between me and you
It comes down to

Eyes began to wander around the courtyard
Some filled with tears and some with shock
Knowing the persecutor was here with us
That a vicious wolf roamed free amongst the flock

All eyes turned as a girl moved toward the flagpole
She was gasping for breath as she fell down
A ragged scream escaped from deep within her
Weeping as her small fists slammed the ground

She sobbed… 
I’m sorry please come back and forgive me
I know that I was hateful and unfair
It made me feel powerful to hurt you
I didn’t think beyond that…at the time I did not care

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
But I truly care that you have no future
I can’t accept you felt there was nothing left
Because of me…
You believed that before your death
You were never weak
I was the fool
Between me and you
It comes down to 

As she confessed her sins we formed a circle
Joining hands around the shattered soul
Until the dead girl’s Mother stepped inside it
Tears streaming as she walked up to that pole

She took the girl in her arms, and she held her
Brushing back the wild hair and dirty tears
Held her face so their haunted eyes could meet up
Whispered…There is something you must hear

~~~*Final Chorus*~~~
This is a tragic way to learn a lesson
I can’t stop you feeling guilty she has left
Because of her…
You can change things through her death
You can be a friend
To everyone in school
I believe in you
That you’re done with 

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2012

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