Monday, September 17, 2012


My Granddaughter asked me
Grandma, what does Christmas mean
I told her that Christ was born
To rescue who believes

 I laughed and said, when I was young
I thought Santa was my Dad
And every Christmas season
Was the best time that I had

Daddy was a big kid
Especially when it snowed
We'd dress up in our mittens,
Snow pants, hats, and coats

Then We'd get every kid
Who lived within a mile
They'd show up ready to have fun
Daddy always wore a smile

He would get our old car hood
And He would hook it up
At the end of a big old logging chain
Behind his pickup truck

We all piled on, Daddy hit the gas
Every kid would laugh and scream
That kind of fun just can't be bought
It's the making of your sweetest dreams

She raised her little face
Precious as can be
As I told her exactly
What Christmas means to me

Mama had the cocoa waiting
To help us all get warm
The smell of pine logs burning
In our big Montana home

My Brother hung the mistletoe
Over the fireplace
Daddy's eyes would twinkle
With a big smile on his face

He would grab our Mama
Our little hearts would pound
He kissed her right on her lips
While we jumped up and down

Clapping hands and giggling
Around our Christmas tree
Jesus and making memories
That's what Christmas means to me

My little Angel just stared at me
Her big eyes round and blue
She said, Grandma... tell me again
What Christmas means to you

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2012  

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