Monday, September 17, 2012


Johnny the snowball
Was made on Christmas Eve
He had a little piece of lint, under his nose
From Timmy's flannel shirt sleeve

He was waiting in a basket
On top of Timmy's sled
With a bunch of other snowballs
All whining and shaking with dread

When they heard Johnny laughing
The snowballs, they got mad
One said, "After the snowball fight
Even Johnny won't laugh"

Johnny said I'm sorry
We'll all be splats I know
But I just can't quit laughing
This lint, it tickles my nose!

Timmy finished eating
And when he stepped outside
All the snowballs but Johnny
They began to cry

Timmy and his buddies
Had their snowball fight
And Johnny was still laughing
As he flew through the sky

Well that lint held Johnny together
As he rolled down the slope
And he kept getting bigger
As he collected snow

Johnny ended up a snowman
As tall as he is wide
And if you listen closely
You can hear him laughing inside

Johnny the snowball
Was made on Christmas Eve
Now he's a laughing snowman
You can hear if you believe.....

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2012  

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