Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I shudder at the doubt reflected in your eyes
I have witnessed the cage surrounding you
They have created a shadow of whom you truly are
Made you feel like the dirt beneath their shoes

If I could forge a key, and use it to set you free
Would you step away from their oppressive Hell
Would you be born anew, shed the shadow of you
And live the life you've dreamed for yourself

Don't be a shadow
Merge with the light
Don't lie down and wallow
Raise yourself and fight
Blind the disbelievers
With the glaring truth
Exile the shadow
Live your life as you

You have been confined by their ignorance
But I have watched you simmer and I know
Within the humble man there is a force that
Can awaken an inferno from the coals
I beg you...
Burn your way from their presence
I've sung your praises as the master key
Others are questioning your keepers
There's a tremor beginning in the streets

~~~*Lyrical Bridge*~~~
There you are uncaged...finally delivered
Your tormentors could no longer fight
To keep you in the shadows deeply damaged
You are now a champion... 
Boy, revel in the light
Exile the shadow

~~~*2nd  Chorus*~~~
No not a shadow
Hidden from sight
You rose against them
Found in you the fight
You are the believer
Life begins anew
Risen from the shadow
Is the light of you

You've exiled the shadow
That kept the light from view
Now go and lead them
For they will follow you

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