Friday, September 6, 2013


Just so you know man
I’m not normally people
I am brutal knowledge
Often carnal minded
I Feel hate take as it please
I won’t be a victim
Makes it’s too hard to breathe


The claws are bleeding
I stalk for the capture
Feel the passion rising
Then my hunger sated
See the burn fade out
From their eyes
Try not to act thirsty but
There is no disguise

I’m a hunter 
No love
Need apply

She may be pretty
And have real potential
She is surely wicked
Oh and such a hustler
Yeah they all have what
Needs supplied
Lust is thee addiction
There is no need to lie

I’m a hunter 
No love
Need apply


I'm simply yearning
Want of equal pleasure
They're an open target
Of my vital wisdom
Tell them when and where
And how and why
State what I am craving
Everything I desire

I’m a hunter 
No love
Need apply

I’m a hunter 
No love
Need apply

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2013
Was listening to "Come Together"
by the "Beatles" , and wrote a song
to their tune...Just for fun T*

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