Monday, August 19, 2013


Stands to reason
You should know
Void of Love
You’re a dying soul
Songs about Love’s power
Stories of its fate
To never know
Its highs and lows
Before your life abates
Is a misfortune
Don’t you see
Void of Love
Life's a tragedy
Recall of its pleasures
Memories of its tears
Oh, everyday
I can relay
The comfort of him near
No way would I trade it
Avoid a precious thing
I have been blessed
Perfect, or mess
Sweet love beats everything
You stay alone
So negative
Void of love
To never live
 The greatest gift, in life, is love
You barely exist
That first kiss, pure tenderness
The passion that you’ve missed
The deep desire, the burning fire
A friend, the link, the trust
Is all lost, emptiness the cost
In a life that’s void of love
 Just being here
Is not enough
It's not life
Void of love

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2013

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