Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I Love all the music
Rock and roll to symphony
But if you want to know
What shakes these bones
Its country!

It can tell a great story
Some of them relate to me
I either laugh, or cry
Love, death, hot guys
That’s country!

When country men are singing
I can hear the tenderness
Or the inner child,
No control, gone wild
Hard fists or sweet caress
Yeah country!

Ya’ll listen to the ladies
Belt out, or serenade
Tell you what is up
Do men crawl, or strut
Will they shine, or will they fade
Ask country!

Cowgirls, cowboys, rodeos
Big trucks,  bar fights, cool cars, and boats
Horses, ranches, Stetsons, Kids
Contraband the law forbids

It’s Love, and hate, its money spent
Deep-down respect and time with friends
Trees, and mountains, Jeans and farms
Sweet tea, moonshine, Mason jars

Motorcycles, ATV’s, anything and everything
Its country

Now you know
What shakes these bones
All Country

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2013

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