Sunday, August 25, 2013


Change of topic
What’s acceptable
I don’t like your views
So don’t get comfortable
Well that’s just fine
You don’t agree with mine
I’m not throwing them in your face
You’re the one that’s attacking me
When I am living on His Grace

~~~*1st Chorus*~~~
Change of topic
How’s your weather been
Are you healthy
How about your friends
It’s getting hotter
I've been a little sick
There you go again
Change of topic

Change of topic
Why are you so mean
I truly love you
That’s why I let you be
When I want to rage
Try to make you change
To open up your eyes and see
Faith and Love are crucial things
That they are all you’ll ever need

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
Change of topic
How’s your Mother been
Is she happy
Has she made new friends
I give you reasons
Wish I could make them stick
You say forget it 
Change of topic

We are bound forever
By family ties
Live with your opinion
And I’ll live with mine
When the Lord comes up
And our hearts collide
I will Pray for you 
To open up your mind
Change of topic

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2013

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