Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Willie never once let his team down
He was loyal since he was a boy
He was not ashamed, they rarely won a game
Not even when they got destroyed

He'd holler from the bleachers, it's alright guys
Scream above the booing crowd
It's okay, you did your best, ya'll give it a rest
We'll get them the next time around
You all tried 
You did fine
We'll get em next time

We'll get em next time
Don't you lose your faith
Your fans are with you
Know how hard you've played
You're all awesome
You won't always be behind
Cause you're all winners
You'll get em next time

Willie knew the names of every player
All men connected to his team
The stadium guards, would take his handmade cards
For the player's gains or injuries
He was never late, and he never missed a game
Oh man, to hear him, when they won
He yelled above the roar, You gave them what for
You whomped them, every Mother's Son

~~~*Lyrical Bridge*~~~
The team took Willie to his last game
Flew him to the Superbowl
He said it's about time that we got here
Ya'll know I'm getting pretty old
I love you all like my children
Proud of you for getting here
Now get yourselves out on the field boys
I feel the sudden need to cheer

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
We'll get em this time
Yeah, I have the faith
This fan is with you
Now get out there and play
You're all awesome
So go kick their behinds
You're all winners
You'll get em this time

53 players and their families
All the coaches, and their staff
were there to say goodbye to Willie
The day they lost their greatest fan

Above the field every home game
Flashing in neon lights
It say's 
Hey Willie man
Our greatest fan
We'll get em this time

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright© 2014

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