Thursday, March 14, 2013


Oh God, I had everything
I've ever wanted in my life
And now I have nothing left
Feel there is no hope in sight
I don’t even cry….

There’s no way for me to fathom
How it all could slip away
And I don’t have the will I need
To continue on this way

Can you give me a reason Lord
Some excuse to save my life
When you know I’m past the point
Of minding if you try
I don’t even cry

~~~*1st Chorus*~~~
The sun burst through the cloudy skies
And the birds all sang in tune
I heard the children laughing
As they headed off to school
The neighbor’s baby walked to me
And then squealed in delight
I held that baby to my heart
A silent thank you to the skies
And then I cried

No I have not even lived
Sat believing all was done
Getting older, and feeling sad
Sensing nothing had been won

And it became so easy Lord
When things weren't going well
To blame you for my every loss
And feel sorry for myself

I know my life’s not over
There is so much more to do
I can sit here, or get out there
I don’t have a thing to lose

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
Today’s shower left a rainbow
That I traveled with my eyes
Kids stomping in the puddles
And the neighbor’s baby cries
I grabbed a bucket full of chalk
And went out to join the kids
A silent thank you to the skies
For this awesome life I live
Yes I'm alive
Oh Happy Cry

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2013

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