Thursday, November 28, 2013


Good Morning Everyone
Happy Thanksgiving Day
Please pray for our heroes
Still serving far away

For lives that are stricken
No cure to make them well
For those who've grown too old
To take care of themselves

For the poor in our country
No means to celebrate
And the unforgiving
Spending this day in hate

Please pray for the lonely
For those who've lost their way
Let's start with Thanksgiving
And pray for them ever day

Lord I am so thankful
I have everything I need
I just wish that everyone
Could have as much as me
And as my Family gathers
To feast, and laugh, and pray
It's a Happy Thanksgiving
But I'm thankful every day
Have a Happy Thanksgiving
And be thankful every day

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright© 2013

I am so Thankful for
In my Life !
Praying for You and Yours 
On Thanksgiving Day 
And Always 
I Love You

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