Friday, April 5, 2013


The police showed up in the middle of the night 
Looking for my Brother Andy Rain 
Never seen Mama turn that color of gray
Dad will kill him for scaring her that way

They said the Judge's Daughter wasn't in her room
Her Daddy’s ordered Andy Rain’s tombstone 
Oh Lord…
Daddy was cussing, Mama was crying 
And I …was searching for my phone

~~~*1st Chorus*~~~
I asked him
What kind of drug 
Are you on
Cause if you’re not taking something
Your mind’s already gone
You won’t live for intervention
What a stupid thing to do
If you’re not on drugs
Tell me, what is wrong with you

My Brother just laughed, said he’s riding high on life
Tell the folks that we are both okay
Tell them their boy is married, that I’ll be home soon
And get ready  to welcome Summer Rain

I've loved the Judge's daughter but I couldn't tell
If her Pa found out, he’d see me in hell
I said…
Daddy is cussing Mama is crying 
And I …am trying to help you out

~~~*Lyrical Bridge*~~~
Andy and Summer made peace with the Judge
He could tell that true love made them shine
He said he’d save the tombstone for another day
Just in case he didn't treat her right
You can tell it wont happen, adoration reigns 
Andy loves Summer, and Summer loves a Rain
Oh Lord...
Daddy is beaming, Mama is fussing 
And I …     
Am trying to figure out

~~~*Final Chorus*~~~
What kind of drug 
Are they on
Cause if they’re not taking something
What answer can be drawn
No they don’t need intervention
Never seen a love so true
If there’s not a drug
Then how can I take it too?

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2013

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