Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I was walking home through the trees, it was getting late
That wasn't much to worry about in 1978
When I came from the woods, I hit the old dirt road
That's where old man Lester lived, and he was always home
The moon was nature's candle on that particular night
I was loving the mountains, thinking everything's so right
When Lester burst from his cabin, he gave me quite a fright
Ran past me on the dirt road, screaming with all his might...

~~~*1st Chorus*~~~
The Hell's Angels is coming inta town!
Load yer guns, and lock yer daughters in the house!
Ya better teach yer sons what fightin's all about!
Do ya hear me ya'll?... I ain't messin around!
The Hell's Angels
Is coming inta town!

I walked into our home, told Mama what Lester said
She laughed, "Pay no attention, he's not right in the head
You don't know my cousin Rylie, but he rides with them
He'll stop by when they get here, and introduce us to the men."
I know my eyes turned to saucers, at my Mama's words
There was not a soul in our town, who didn't admire her
She was sweet and quiet, unless you messed with us
Then she'd cut you to the bone, and she didn't even cuss

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
Now the Hell's Angels are coming into town
Daddy bought beer, and they're invited to the house
Both of my Brothers are jumping up and down
No problems here...just messing around
The Hell's Angels
Are coming into town

Yeah, you could hear them riding, no mistaking the sound
There's nothing like a bunch of Harleys shaking up the ground
There were nervous neighbors, lighting up the party lines
When Rylie, and about twelve buddies, pulled in our drive
They may have looked a little rough, but they were sure polite
The yes sir, No Mam, and Thank you kind of nice
The rest of them were waiting... uptown at the bar
Mama caught a ride with Rylie...Daddy followed in the car
The next thing I know , I heard Old Lester shout...

~~~*3rd Chorus*~~~
Lawd! The Hell's Angels is gittin outta town!
They done stole them kids' Mama right from the house!
Grab yer guns, and come on all you men!
Their Daddy's surely gonna die chasing after them!
Do Ya hear me Ya'll? ...I ain't messin around!
The Hell's Angels
Is gittin outta town

Took us half the night
To calm poor Lester down
We felt bad about the duct tape
The only way to shut his mouth
We set the neighbors straight
There was laughter all around
Oh, we still love to talk about
The Hell's Angels in our town

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2012  

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