Thursday, October 4, 2012


I took the sausage from the microwave
It tasted like briquettes 
I like my eggs done over-easy
Haven’t cooked them that way yet

I scraped the black off of my toast
Stupid dial must be broke
Threw it all in the sink, found my keys,
And grabbed my coat

When does it all get easier
There must be a better way
I hate to admit that she was right
When she said I’d rue the day

She said you will rue this day
Kicking me out
I have been your slave
You’ll be sorry now
You are going to pay
You will rue this day

Ran out of gas on the way to work
Is there a button on this tank
My truck was still in both our names
Yeah, I have her to thank

The boss turned around and sent me home
Said you can’t come in this way
You get on home, iron up those clothes
And do not forget to shave
When I got home I realized
That my place was looking rough
And it was smelling just as bad
Oh Man! I’ve had enough

I’m sick of doing everything
Tired of hanging out alone
So I called my ace in the hole
Said "Mom can I come home?" 

~~~*Lyrical Bridge*~~~
No, I don't know, anymore, why I kicked her out
Come on Ma, I'm drowning here 
Sheesh, you don't need to shout
No, she won't come home, she's good and gone
And I should feel relieved
All she ever did, was whine and cry 
And blame everything on me

~~~*Final Chorus*~~~
She said I would rue this day
Kicking her out
Said she was my slave
I'd be sorry now
I will find my way
Made it through this day

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2012

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