Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TRUE LOVE ... A Wedding Song

When little girls read about Prince Charming
He's just a fairy tale fantasy
When young ladies sit in wait
Anticipating their first date
Thinking he's the answer to their dreams
The first touch and the first kiss
Butterflies and tender lips
They think they've got it figured out
Fairy tales torn apart
Lonely tears and broken hearts
That's what growing up is all about
Then comes true love
All the pain fades to the past
Once you find your other half
And know your dreams are coming true
Nothing said or done before
Matters to you anymore 
He's your future, he was meant for you
Before God above...
You vow your true love
On this Blessed, most perfect night
Profess to love him all your life
And he vows, to you, the very same
Joining hands, faced heart to heart
As your life together starts
The true dream, it begins today...
Before God above
You wed your true love

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright© 2014
Congratulations Blair and Eric!
So excited for this night!
Love, Aunt Teresa

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