Thursday, March 13, 2014


The pretty little neighbor girl 
Was outside with a gun
slamming it against her car
Wasn't having any fun
I asked, hey can I help you
Before someone gets hurt
She said, I hope you didn't know Roy
Cause you didn't say a word

I said,  girl you need some bullets
If you want to use that gun
And when a car is out of gas
You can't think it's gonna run
All men need some loving
If they're going to function too
Sure glad you're out of bullets
Need to think before you shoot

She screamed at me, like a wild banshee
I checked myself for holes
Said you won't be an accomplice Roy
Cause I won't tell a soul
Help me load this gun, get the car to run
And don't try any stunts
When you cheat, you bleed, now help me please
Cause I've got a man to hunt

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
I said,  I won't give you bullets
So that you can use that gun
I'm glad your car is out of gas
So he has the chance to run
All men aren't like your man
Girl, I promise, it's the truth
Sure glad you're out of bullets
Need to think before you shoot

Her boyfriend didn't make it home
I phoned and said boy run
She found her sense of self control
And she gave me the gun
For twenty years 
We've laughed through tears
At what she'd set out to do
If you're worried bout your safety
Never give a cause to shoot

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright© 2014

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  1. Love the storyline on this T! Sure glad she's out ofvbullets too lol