Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I have too many resolutions
To fit on just one page
Yeah,  I'm working on my attitude
You're in for better days

I'm so good at procrastination

That I've convinced myself
As long as it's within the year
Oh, man I'm doing well

Well that won't work
Not any more
Is my promise any good
Is it worth waiting for
If it takes so long
to give to you 
The things I say you'll get
Is my promise any good
When you know what to expect

I haven't made a resolution

For far too many years
I was convinced that I would break it
So why confirm my fears

I want to be a better person

Leave behind who I was
Do what I should do, and prove to you
I'm changing out of love

~~~*Lyrical Bridge*~~~
Yes, I Love You...
And I'll do what you need
when I say I'll do it
Not when it feels right for me
Goodbye old ways
Hello better days

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
The past won't work
Not any more
Was my promise any good
Was it worth waiting for
when it took so long
to give to you 
The things I said you'd get
No it wasn't any good
But you knew what to expect
Here's a resolution
One that I won't sway
No procrastination
Better days
Yeah, better days
Oh, better days

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright© 2013

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