Thursday, May 30, 2013


Thank you Daddy
For leaving me with memories
That can make me smile, bring a tear
You were always there for me

To bait the hook when we went fishing
Drive the car on all those trips
Put your hand on my shoulder
When we went hunting and I missed

For the great big pots of chili
Pancakes on the weekends
Reading to us from the Bible
Every letter that you sent

For telling me you were proud
Of me all the time
For saying "You don't have to"
When you walked me down the aisle :)

Thank you Daddy
For loving me this way
You were always there for me
And I Miss You Every Day

Thank you Daddy
For kissing Mom in front of us
For never raising your voice to her
Kids don't see this enough

For teaching your Sons
Not to curse in front of girls
Raising us wise enough
To make it in this world

For tips big enough to pay my rent
When you ate where I worked
For saying, "Girl, you know it's okay
To leave him, he's a jerk"  :)

For spoiling your Grandson
And thanking me for him
For stopping by, brightening our lives
When things got a little dim

Thank You Daddy
For Loving me this way
You were always there for me
And I Miss You Every Day

Thank You Daddy
For calling us "out of the blue"
I think that's what I miss the most
Hearing you say "I Love You"
Thank You Daddy
For always being there for me
Thank You Daddy
Thank You for the Memories

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Happy 71st Birthday Dad
I Miss You Every Day!
Copyright © 2013

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