Tuesday, January 15, 2013


He was perfect
I don't care what you say
He made my heart jump
When he hit that stage

Then he'd sing a song
Like it was meant for me
And I would start to shake
Get weak in the knees

I couldn't help but dream...

That we weren't there
It was a normal day
The fans screaming...
Sounds so far away
That I'd been chosen
And he held me close
It was my greatest dream
It's what I wanted most

I always followed
Chased him everywhere
In my delusions
He cared that I was there

Sometimes it happened
Yes, he would look at me
As he moved on stage
To the songs he'd sing

I couldn't help but dream...

~~~*Lyrical Bridge*~~~
He would look at me
Not her with those eyes
He would laugh and live
Leave the past behind

But when he married
I swear I went insane
All my dreams betrayed
Each time I read her name

One day she left him
And even I could see
He was a broken man
And it crippled me..

I couldn't help but dream...

~~~* 2nd Chorus*~~~
She did not leave
She cared about his life
Gave him comfort
Remained a loyal wife
She was his true love
It was her he chose
For him to have his dream
Is what I wanted most

Oh...I still miss him
And as the years go by
I play my favorite songs
Dream when I close my eyes

He holds a young girl
As gentle music flows
Oh, In my dreams, I get...
Mmm...What I wanted most

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2013

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