Friday, December 21, 2012


A little girl gave me a Bible
Outside the store today
I asked how much she wanted
She said you don't have to pay
Just Pray...

I said you sure look nice
In your pretty dress
She wouldn't be distracted
Stepped forward to request

Will you pray for the Children of the world
Pray that their lives will leave behind one special gift
I know that some don't believe
That Jesus lived and died for thee
But what if
What if

I put down my groceries
And held her little hands
We bowed our heads
And her sweet voice began

I repeated her prayer
She looked up at its end
Shocked that I was shaken
As we whispered our Amen

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
We prayed for the people of the world
Prayed that nice folks like me, would open up their eyes and see
We all need to come together as one
She smiled at me, and blew the sky a kiss
And I thought what if
What if...

I told everyone when I got to work
About her precious prayer
They all took each other's hands
Then asked me if I would share

So we prayed for the people of this world
Prayed that nice folks like u,s would open up and finally trust
We will all be together after this
We just have to believe that Jesus does exist
Because what if
What if

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2012

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