Wednesday, November 9, 2016

SWEET LITTLE LULLABY ( Children's lyrics )

Sweet little Angel close your eyes
Listen to your lullaby

Building blocks and Tonka trucks
Teddy bears and rubber ducks
Kitty Cats of black and white
And puppy dogs with big brown eyes

Kites that float up in the clouds
Cotton candy and circus clowns
ABC's and 123's
Little red wagons and bumble bees

Paper planes that you will make
Laughing friends and birthday cakes

Sweet little _____ close your eyes
And listen to your lullaby

Froggies jumping in the pond
Hugs and kisses from Dad and Mom
Baby chickens on a farm
Little gray ponies and big red barns

Trees to climb and tire swings
Sunny days and birds that sing
A hill of dirt with "Hot wheels" cars
Boats on a lake and monkey bars

Choo choo trains going down the track
Cartoons, Kool-Aid, and jumping jacks
Trips to the zoo and fire trucks
A day at the park and lady bugs

Flowers covered with butterflies
Shining stars up in the sky
Angel kisses and a gentle touch
_____ Loves you, oh so much

My little _____  with closed eyes
Did you like your lullaby?
When tomorrow's at its end
I'll sing it to you once again

For now, just sleep with all my love
And that should comfort you...

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2016

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