Thursday, October 30, 2014


1st verse
On a lone stone bench
Centered in the park
By a maple tree
Where your name is carved

2nd verse
This is where she sits
This is where she cries
We all know her here
We don't ask her why

~~~*Chorus *~~~
*We don't ask her why / They don't ask me why
*She can't get on with her life / I can't get on with my life
*We all know her life was you... / They all know my life was you...
*We don't even try / They don't even try
Look away, and walk on by
*Like she needs us to do / Like I need them to do
*Until she works it through / Until I work it through

3rd verse
A dark gray casket
Brought you home to me
Sealed up tightly
No way I could see

4th verse
Touch your handsome face
Hold you one last time
Prove you're really gone
Oh, you were my life

~~~*Lyrical Bridge *~~~
*I wish that she could settle for / I wish that I could settle for
*Your image in her mind / Your image in my mind
Touching, laughing, crying
*The day you said goodbye / The day we said goodbye

# 1 
Desire kissed insanity
She embraced it like a fool
I needed proof...
I needed proof...

*It's going to take time / Oh, all I need is time
*To reconstruct her life / To reconstruct my life
*You were her life / You were my life

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright© 2014

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