Thursday, May 8, 2014


Old Mr. Hanson was the target
Of three twelve year old boys that I knew
Actually it was his garden
They stole most of everything he grew

They made a mistake one Sunday morning
Said he had a gun, tried to shoot them dead
I lived across the street from Mr. Hanson
All I ever saw him do was shake his head

~~~*1st Chorus*~~~
The cops showed up, and pointed guns
At a man who'd never hurt someone
And I wondered if those boy's parents knew
What their children were up to

Two sets of parents reigned their kids in
Pulled weeds for Mr. Hanson for years
They grew up respecting other people
If someone was in need they volunteered

~~~*Lyrical Bridge*~~~
One sneered at others principles
Was never held accountable
Boys will be boys his parents claimed
Gardens, stores, the bank on 9th
Something they couldn't fix this time
On every friend, he'd ever had, they laid the blame
What a rotten shame

~~~*2nd Chorus*~~~
The cops showed up, and pointed guns
At a kid who'd bothered everyone
And I wondered if his parents finally knew
What they'd enabled him to do

Don't jump in with excuses
Don't call it harmless fun
Hold your kids responsible
For the wrongs that they have done
Know what they are doing 
If you're going to let them run
Or the cops will come
And they have guns

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright© 2014

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