Sunday, June 16, 2013


Happy Father’s Day
Not so much for me
Unless I’m adding up
All those memories
They can make me smile
Maybe even laugh
Then the tears break free
For wanting all that’s past
A monument to you 
Such a Loving Man
A Father and a Friend
A gentle guiding hand
Happy Father’s Day in Heaven
Thank You for the time I had
Please hug some little kids for me
Who are there without their Dads
And though it hurts every waking day
God knows that I’m not mad
There were openings in Heaven
So He took the best we had
No matter how old I get
Daddy I do not forget
Everything you've ever 
Done for me
I miss you endlessly
I still talk to you all the time
But today weighs heavy on my mind
And I hope that you can hear me
When I pray

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Copyright © 2013
Lord, I miss you Dad
Love, Teresa

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